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We don’t have to do it all. If you’re looking to improve your business with better marketing and technology on your own we have no problem with that. Here are some resources we recommend.

Are you looking to keep up with technology? Nate and Dave do a weekly podcast, NotNerd, where the goal is to help you tech better by discussing the tech news that matters and tips you can use!


If you have data you care about on your computer, it is not “if”, but “when” you will lose data. Go sign up for Backblaze right now. It’s $70/year and keeps your computer backed up automatically in the background. Trust us, go do it now.


You really should be using strong unique passwords for every login you have. We highly recommend using LastPass. The free version will work for most people and their business pricing is well worth it!


There are so many great ways to learn online. YouTube alone could keep you busy for a lifetime. We have found some great courses on SkillShare and find it worth the subscription.


We do a lot of shopping on Amazon and use all of the other benefits that come from being an Amazon Prime member. If you need it, there’s a good chance Amazon has it and can get it to you quickly! You might also look at getting an Amazon Business Account

Domain Names

Having a good domain name is key. We have used Hover to register domain names for several years. Having used many others in the past, we believe it the easiest, most straightforward way to secure and manage domain names.

Web Hosting

If you’re looking to build your own website, we recommend WordPress, it makes up almost 70% of the web. You will need good web hosting and we run all of the sites we build on SiteGround.

Need Something else?

We will work on adding more of our recommendations here but feel free to contact us if you’re looking for something specific.

Note: Most, if not all, of these links are affiliate links. This means that we receive a referral fee when you use them. That being said, each product represented is one we believe in and stand behind.